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Evento catalan food show miami 2024

Catalan Food Show Miami 2024

April 17th 2024

The essence of Catalan Food comes alive in the United States in this professional event, where you can connect with top producers, importers, and distributors and savor the rich gastronomic heritage of Catalonia firsthand.

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Evento catalan food detroit 2024

Taste of Catalonia: Culinary Masterclass

February 19th 2024

Embark on an exceptional culinary journey with us as we delve into the essence of Catalan cuisine in our Culinary Masterclass: Taste of Catalonia.

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Foto turron evento catalan food

Catalan Food in US Showroom Washington DC

Dec 12th 2023

Immerse yourself in the Catalan Food Showroom, your gateway to discovering and connecting with the finest Catalan products in the US market. Unleash your business potential and savor the authentic taste of Catalonia.

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Event catalan food christmas workshop

Catalan Food Christmas Workshop NY

Dec 5th 2023

Embark on a culinary journey to Catalonia's heart! Join us for an evening where tradition, craftsmanship, and excellence converge in a workshop dedicated to an iconic Catalan delicacy.

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Event tasting of catalan singular estate wines

Tasting of Catalan Singular Estate Wines

Dec 20th 2022

IAn immersive experience where the most exquisite selection of estate wines from Catalonia will be presented, along with «Europe´s Last Great Culinary Secret» … Catalan Cuisine.

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Foto turron evento catalan food